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Welcome to Digital 7 Productions
We create high-quality and timely productions to your every specification, working closely
with you to develop the project from concept to completion, all in-house. Our years of experience combined with our unparalleled dedication and a commitment to strong relationships with
our clients has made Digital 7 a most reputable and fast-growing company in Canada.

July 2013
Recent Production: Global Village Lifestyles - VANCOUVER

June 2013
Digital 7 is acquires new portable production equipment

April 2013
New Digital 7 Demo and Web update launched

March 2013
Recent Productions: AGF

January 2013
Recent Production: Pass World Corporation:Protecting our Waters
January 2012
Digital 7 is an exclusive contributor to iStock Video.

December 2011
Jan 2011 - Jovian Capital airing on BNN after 1 year run.

October 2010
Digital 7 acquires new HD DSLR Camera and lenses and shoots first stock footage: www.digital7.ca/digital7prod

August 2010 Digital 7 completes production on MGI and Leon Frazer TV Commercials.

July 2010
Digital 7 finishes production of 160 mini exercise videos for Fitness Republic.

December 2009
Jovian Capital Commercial goes to air, campaign a great success.

July 2009
Digital 7 Staff have raised over $10,000 for the People living with AIDS foundation (PWA) cycling from Toronto to Montreal.


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